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Jazz Baby Boutique!
Posted on 05.10.2006 at 20:56

Prices have been lowered on a TON of my stuff, AND shipping charges have been changed! Please take a look around--we may have JUST what you're looking for! :) HERE ARE THE UPDATED SHIPPING CHARGES!!! :)

Jewelry: $1
Used CDs: $1.25
Used Books: $2
Used Shoes: $3.50


Jazz Baby Boutique!


Posted on 30.06.2006 at 23:56
I try to be as economical and ecological as I possibly can, so I recycle old boxes to ship out items. All prices are USD, and as of yet I only ship to the United States. Foreign shipping rates are incredibly expensive and customs aren't very trustworthy.

Jewelry: $1
Used CDs: $1.50
Used Books: $2
Used Shoes: $3.50

You find something you like. Leave a comment in that entry (aka, you want a pair of ear rings, leave the comment in the ear rings entry) saying what you want, with your email address. You will get a PayPal email requesting the total amount (price of product plus shipping. No taxes or fees will be added). Please see the list above for shipping rates.
Alternatively, you can send money through PayPal without a 'money request' from me. Simply go to the 'send' money page and enter in my email address ( totheskydear@yahoo.com ), enter in the total, select 'Non-eBay goods' from the dropdown menu, and fill in your name and address in the text box. A receipt will be sent to me and I'll have your order shipped asap (unless I email you stating otherwise, I should not take anymore than 4 days and often get things shipped within 2).

IF YOU SAY YOU WANT SOMETHING, PLEASE FOLLOW THROUGH! I've had way too many people comment with, "Ooh, I want that!" and then I never hear from them again. Don't waste my time if you don't seriously mean that you want to purchase something.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would leave me some feedback once you receive your package. I prefer the standard feeback system used by eBay and Etsy: positive, neutral, or negative, with a quick review of what you thought. Please post your feedback in the appropriate category. If you ordered something that was used, scroll down and leave a comment under the 'Gently-Used Goods' page. Don't be a goof and leave a comment for a knitted Blythe cap under the necklace page. Also, don't just lump all your feedback comments on this entry! This entry is to be commented on only if you have a general question about me, Jazz Baby Boutique, further questions how to use PayPal, or any other questions along those lines. Thank you!

Jazz Baby Boutique!

BLYTHE! *prices reduced*

Posted on 20.06.2006 at 23:48
Modelled by the lovely Amelia.

Your dearest Blythe doll(s) will love to wear this bonnet and skirt set to take pictures in! If you're crazy for flowers and/or pleats, you don't want to miss this set. I used purple fabric with white, yellow, and green daisies on it. The fabric is 100% cotton, so make sure not to dry it in the dryer. The ties in the bonnet and skirt were made from a purple wool-silk blended yarn. I added big knots to them so they won't pull out and get lost in the fabric.
The skirt is pleated like crazy and can sit high or low on Blythe's waist. The bonnet is also adjustable so wear it however you wish. This outfit will go with anything. Try a white collared shirt, a yellow tee-shirt, or a purple or green knitted sweater!

** You are only buying the skirt and bonnet! Doll, green sweater, and boots are NOT for sale! **

Modelled by the lovely Julia.

Your dearest Blythe doll(s) will love to wear this hand-knit sleeveless sweater! Made from 74% wool and 24% silk blended deep purple yarn, it will keep her warm and toasty through the Autumn and Winter months. Simply slide it up over her legs and lace up the back and she's ready to go! Psst...this sweater also matches my purple floral skirt/bonnet set!

Jazz Baby Boutique!

PURSES! *prices reduced!*

Posted on 20.06.2006 at 23:26


I am so proud of my work on this purse! For the outside, I used a cute purple fabric with white and yellow daisies. The interior is yellow fabric with multicoloured daisies--can you tell I L♥VE flowers?! The body of the purse and strap are lined with interfacting. The parts where the strap attaches is stitched multiple times for strength. The purse measures 6.25" tall, and 11" wide. The strap is 22" long. To see a closeup, click here, or if you'd like to see the interior, you can do so by clicking here.


Just looking at the bright '60s-inspired fabric makes me so happy. It is said that seeing the colour yellow makes people happy--well I can't argue with that! Made from yellow cotton fabric with multicoloured daisies, orange floral interior, and a stitched-on orange daisy bead, this petite purse is just the right size for your keys, wallet, Altoids, and lip balm. Say goodbye to losing things in the bottomless pit that purses tend to be! To see a closeup, click here, or if you'd like to see the interior, you can do so by clicking here.


What better way to express your love for The King than to carry around your belongings in an Elvis purse? This awesome bag measures 8.5" wide and 5.75" tall. It closes with a navy blue button so your stuff won't fall out. The strap is 17" long, so you can easily fit it over your shoulder or carry it in your hand. Perfect size for your wallet, makeup, keys, mints, and hand wipes. To see a closeup, click here, or if you'd like to see the interior, you can do so by clicking here.


This patchwork is made of the two alternating floral fabrics and measures 9" across and 6" tall. The strap is 16" long and 1.75" wide so it won't cut into your shoulder. The liner is a nice shade of light blue To see a closeup, click here, or if you'd like to see the interior, you can do so by clicking here.

Jazz Baby Boutique!

EAR RINGS! *prices lowered!*

Posted on 20.06.2006 at 21:21

OWL EAR RINGS - $6.75!

The little plastic owl beads have been popping up like crazy all over the internet, so I decided to try my hand at using them. The end result are these adorable 'opposite' owl ear rings. These colourful ear rings, with just a hint of '60s Mod, go with anything. From a simple black dinner dress to your everyday clothing, these ear rings are quite versatile and add a playful touch to your wardrobe. The owls love to dangle around and spin. They really are a HOOT! :) See closeup here.


My mother made these beautiful ear rings. She twisted sterling silver into a swirl and hammered it to get it flat. The shiny silver is accented with a round turquoise bead which has been cut three times to get the flat edges. The rest of the bead is speckled and looks like it's been rusted. A very unique effect.


Another set of gorgeous ear rings made by my mother. This time, these were made with sterling silver sunflower beads. Underneath are some semi-see-through dark blue beads with a rusty look on the outer edges. The piece that hooks into the ear is also sterling silver, and has been hammered to flatten it out. These can dress an outfit up or down.


Let your inner swingin' Sixties self loose in these day-glo daisy ear rings! They are long and dangly and so darn cute! I just used bright yellow seed beeds and the blue flower bead (slightly rubbery) to make these. I almost wish my ears were pierced! These are eye-catching and will brighten up your day when you put them on. To see a closeup, click here!


Maybe the darker blue version of the '60s flower ear rings are a little too bright for your personal taste. No worries! I made a baby blue and light yellow pair, which are just as dangly and just as adorable. These would look so cute with a baby blue or yellow baby-doll dress. To see a closeup, click here!


The paint splot ear rings are so pretty, and they happen to match one of my bracelets! The bead is a goldey-orangey glass bead with red, black, and white paint splatters on it. It'll go with anything in any of those colours, so you can wear these often. I have three pairs made! To see a closeup, click here!


I instantly fell in love with these painted wooden beads when I saw that they had sort of a paisley pattern painted on them. This version of my paisley ear ring duo is a little shorter and they don't dangle. They are a little delicate, so if you have a handy two-year-old, don't let him/her get near the ear rings! As per usual, they'll go with anything and are quite versatile. To see a closeup, click here!


I love these ear rings so much! At the end of a long strand of deep maroon jumbo-sized seed beads and a purple & gold sparkly bead, the highlight is the pink blown-glass leaf. The leaves are shiny, sparkly, and dangle around playfully. Depending on the lighting, they can look mauve, pink, or even orange! The purple bead with gold paint splatters above also picks up interesting colours in the light. They will not stretch your ears. To see a closeup, click here!


The painted wooden beads are back again! These ones are a bit longer than the first pair, use more beads, and are sure great at dangling! The wood is very light-weight and will not stretch your ear lobes. To see a closeup, click here!

Jazz Baby Boutique!

BRACELETS! *prices lowered!*

Posted on 20.06.2006 at 21:19

I call this the Titanic bracelet because the colours remind me of Rose's "Jump Dress" from the movie Titanic. The black rose is carved from stone. The rest of the bracelet is made up of reddish-plum translucent fine stones, and ended with two jumbo-sized black seed beads. It closes with a silver toggle clasp. To see a closeup of the bracelet, please click here!


This is the 'sequel' to the first Titanic bracelet. This doesn't remind me of any of Rose's outfits but it's supposed to be the Titanic bracelet unearthed from the sea, with 90+ years' worth of rotting and rust built up onto it. Okay maybe I think too much about this. Anyway, this one also features a beautiful rose carved from stone and closes with a toggle clasp. To see a closeup, please click here!


This bracelet reminds me of being at the beach at night-time with a full moon! It is simple yet beautiful, matched with black matte seed beads, jumbo-sized sparkly baby blue seed beads, and clasped together with silver toggles. If you would like to see a closeup, please click here. The photos do no do this bracelet justice!


For some unknown and illogical reason, this bracelet reminds me of Asia. I used black matte seed beads, gold sparkly jumbo-sized seed beads, and large round beads to spice it up. The larger beads are translucent purple with thin strips of sparkly gold paint splattered across them. The photo does not do the bracelet justice at all! If you would like to see a closeup, please click here.


This bracelet is all purple and black--my favourite colour combination! Using matte black seed beads, jumbo-sized sparkly maroon seed beads, and big round lighter purple beads, this bracelet clasps with a silver toggle. It is simple yet lovely. Dress an outfit up or down with it. If you would like to see a closeup, please click here.


For this one, I used black matte seed beads, jumbo-sized sparkly gold seed beads, and beautiful large glass beads. The large beads are a golden-orangey colour with black, white, and red paint splattered all over them. They pick up the light differently at different angles, and are very beautiful. If you would like to see a closeup, please click here.

Jazz Baby Boutique!

NECKLACES! *price reduced!*

Posted on 20.06.2006 at 21:14

Using the basic beading technique, I threaded these assorted glass beads onto strong materials and fastened them with a silver toggle clasp. The beads are all different shades of green, and range from frosted glass, shimmery, iridescent, and plain glass seed beads. The necklace and bracelet are both ended with a gold bell-shaped flower bead in appropriate sizes. They come in a set so you won't have to worry about jewelry matching or not. :)

Jazz Baby Boutique!


Posted on 20.06.2006 at 20:59
Coin Pouch - $5.50!

This floral coin pouch is so cute! The coin pouch measures 5" tall and 3 1/3" wide. It can also be used as a cell phone protector if you don't want to put coins in it, or you can even stash all your credit cards in there! It even matches one of my purses. :) To view a closeup, please click here , or if you would like to see the interior, click here!

Jazz Baby Boutique!

COLD WEATHER GOODS *prices lowered Aug.10.06!*

Posted on 20.06.2006 at 20:48


I just love how this scarf came out! I crocheted it using blue and yellow acryllic yarn with a ripple stitch and a ruffly edge. Because it's acryllic, you can wash it and dry it, but please don't iron it! If you'll notice, at the end, I crocheted a yellow daisy and stitched on a green button for the centre. This scarf can be worn all through winter and the transitioning weeks from winter to spring. It measures approximately 55" long and 4" wide. It's chunky and oh-so cozy! :)

Closeup! This closeup is of the flower, and you can get a good view of the stitch throughout the scarf.

Jazz Baby Boutique!

GENTLY-USED GOODIES! *prices lowered!*

Posted on 17.06.2006 at 10:47

*check us out!*

The Rolling Stones: 65 - 67 - $19.50!

This is a huge and heavy book (hence the price) full of pictures by the legendary rock photographer, Gered Mankowitz. I bought this in the summer of 2003 and it's been sitting on a shelf in my closet collecting dust since 2004, and I need room for my dorm, so it needs to go quickly. It is soft-bound and the binding has fallen apart. I am very careful with my stuff and did not inflict this flaw--like other books I own bound like this, it came apart upon first opening it. I was rather disappointed about that, seeing as it cost me a total of $33! However if you are careful with it, it shouldn't cause you too much trouble. Because of the weight of this book (roughly 6 pounds!), it is yours for $20 plus shipping.


I totally forgot I had this book stashed away in my closet. It's a pretty good book filled with photographs of The Rolling Stones. I bought this in March of 2003 and the moment I got to the car and opened it, the binding came unglued. Even so, it's in great condition. The only flaws are the unglued binding (which happened within a few minutes of opening the book--I am very careful with my stuff and did not rip this book open. Books bound like this tend to fall apart at the binding) and my name scrawled across the inside flap. The only reason I'm getting rid of it is because I haven't looked at it in years and it's taking up space in my closet. The book was originally $30 (+ tax) but I'm selling it for $17.


These loafer-style shoes were bought in August of 2005 and worn only three times. I never wear shoes without stockings or socks, so the insides are clean. I am getting rid of these because they are a little too big and end up hurting my feet and ankles. There is nothing wrong (ie tears or cracked sole) with them otherwise--just my narrow feet! The brand is Cherokee (sold at Target), and they would be good for someone size 8 with wider feet if you like a snug fit. They were originally $26 (+ tax), but I'm asking $12 plus shipping. They are in excellent condition and are very cute, and I'm sad that I have to get rid of them.



I bought these Merona (sold at Target) go-go style boots in December of 2004. They were worn for about a month and have only been worn maybe three times since then. They are in great condition, and I am only getting rid of them because they don't really go with my style anymore and are just taking up room in my closet. As I said, I never wear shoes without stockings or socks, so there's nothing icky left on the insides. They are all man-made synthetic materials, so they are animal and vegetarian friendly! The boots are a size 8 but have an extended toe so they make your feet look longer. The heel is just about 2" tall. I originally paid $30 (+ tax) for these, but they will cost you $16 plus shipping.